hahi (hahi) wrote,

Джордж Джонас, обозреватель торонтской "Нэшнл Пост"

I don't hunt. I don't shoot. I don't own a gun. As a teenager, I traded a gift gun for a stamp. When I got guns as gifts in later life, I gave them away. No, I'm not a gun nut. I'm a freedom nut. It isn't a gun I want; what I want is for my neighbour to be as free to own his gun as his father was. I have a selfish reason: The state that can tie my neighbour's ownership of a gun to inane conditions can similarly restrict my ownership of anything I want, including a light bulb.

Another correspondent says that, despite what I think, most Canadians agree that a gun in the home is more likely to harm its owner or a member of the family than it is to harm an intruder. This may shock the letter-writer: Whether most Canadians agree or not, I do. It's one reason I don't own a gun. Except I don't think that what I think, or the letter-writer thinks, or even most Canadians think, should invalidate the choice of any Canadian who prefers to play different odds.

Умри, Денис, лучше не скажешь.

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