hahi (hahi) wrote,

Горькая правда

Britain, like much of Europe, has discarded the anchors that held society in place and enabled it to endure in times of uncertainty. Churches are being turned into mosques, Parliament is the object of derision, the monarchy is regarded as an anachronism, as are such concepts as marriage, family and faith. Britain has made a virtue of its post-colonial guilt and its own loss of values by embracing multiculturalism, a fuzzy notion which holds that all cultures, all standards, all values are of equal merit. Into this morass of uncertainty step the young Muslims, certain of their belief and confident in their identity.

Like the stranded passengers at London's airports, wandering around glassy eyed and lost, Britain has become a soft target for these new Islamists. They know exactly who they are and where they are going. Britain might not care to follow, but if it comes to a fight, the old British lion might not have the strength to resist.

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